Z-CARD®: Enhancements Options

Ensuring that your Z-CARD® campaign stands out, when you choose one of our custom PocketMedia® enhancements!

Custom Covers

  • Create bespoke covers in the shape of your product to enhance brand synergy

  • Choose a cover pocket to keep additional elements secure.

  • Cover finishes can also be enhanced to include weather proof and lenticular finishes.


Custom Inserts

  • Inserts can be customized in a number of ways to ensure maximum impact and reach of your campaign.

  • We can use a number of stocks and finishes and can incorporate tear off panels for coupons, vouchers, DM response slips or even make them ‘weather proof’.

  • Individual personalization options available (e.g. Names, numbers, etc.)


Card Holders

  • The Z CARD® format can provide you with a holder for any type of card.

  • We can offer a variety of format and utility options, such as cover pockets or slits.

  • Card holders can allow you to use your Z CARDS® in applications from ‘all-in-one’ hotel key cards & guides to credit or loyalty card holders.


Tabbing & Flow wrapping

  • We can ‘close’ your Z CARDS® using either a semi-permanent sticker or tab. 

  • We can also do a flow-wrapping option for your campaign.

  • Tabbing and flow wrapping help keep the cards secure and are normally used in relation to a magazine tip-in or in/on pack distribution.


Luxury Finishes

  • Luxury enhancements, such as metallic inks, scent release, hot foiling and embossing allow you to give your Z CARD® a truly luxury feel


Bridge Technologies

  • We specialize in delivering QR, AR, RFID and NFC technologies that help bridge the gap between print and digital communications available to marketers when planning a campaign.

  • Taking the retainability of print and the immediacy of the digital we help bring your campaign to life.


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