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Z CARD®: Display Options

The high impact of these solutions will ensure your brand stays front of mind with your target audience.

Display Boxes

  • We can offer a wide range of display boxes in different materials, branding & formats.

  • Best way to get competitive prices

  • Ensures the branding of box & cards is perfectly consistent, through print matching.


Gravity Feeders

  • A more secure format than the display boxes. 

  • Gravity Feeders can be wall mounted or placed at point of sale.

  • Ensures that each of your customers receives their card in pristine condition.


Card Holders

  • The Z-CARD® format can provide you with a holder for any type of card.

  • We can offer a variety of format and utility options, such as cover pockets or slits.

  • This can allow you to use your Z-CARDS® in applications from ‘all-in-one’ hotel key cards & guides to credit or loyalty card holders.


Travel Wallets

  • Travel wallets are the perfect way to ensure that your Z-CARD® is kept for a long time.

  • They are a fantastic accessory to create additional, highly retainable branded elements to any campaign

  • Great distribution option for travel maps and time tables as well as safe-travel guides with emergency numbers.

dist_wallets - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpg


  • The lanyard option is perfect for exhibition and event guides.

  • We have a range of both portrait and landscape options.

  • The lanyard option will make sure that your message is kept in a good condition and is visually prominent.


Bottle Hangs

  • We can offer a variety of price and format options for this great distribution mechanism.

  • Ideal for in-store product promotions.

  • the hanger can be adapted in size to meet your requirements and the format works fantastically to deliver a wide range of communications from product launches to holiday promotions.


Tip Ons

  • Make your magazine advert stand out with a tipped-on Z CARD®.

  • We can arrange for your Z-CARDS® to be tipped on the front cover of a magazine, on an advert inside the magazine, or loosely inserted into the magazine packaging.


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