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About Z-CARD®

International PocketMedia® specialists


Z-CARD®s are a totally unique communications solution – invented over 20 years ago by George McDonald when he was a travel writer and consultant for British Airways. From our foundation as a niche print product specialist, we have expanded into a global group, providing a full creative service.

We are an international team, operating in 67 offices across 49 countries. This means we can deliver your PocketMedia® campaigns locally, nationally or internationally.

Awards, validation and recognition

We are proud to have our achievements recognised by leading organisations.

Effective and Handy

“When we first saw the Z-card, we just knew we had to get hold of them! For a product range of over 60 sku's we were really struggling to find a neat and condensed brochure/leaflet to advertise effectively. Z-cards have been a huge hit with our clients and retailers, super cool and handy, with plenty of info all in one spot! ”

Four Flax NZ

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